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Joss Whedon’s new film ‘In Your Eyes’ is now available to rent on Vimeo for $5. Read more about it in this LA Times article.

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Wtf why am I just hearing about this now????

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I may or may not have transferred the audio of this episode over to a cassette and listened to it on my Walkman as I rode the school bus every morning for several weeks. (Side B was E.B.E.)

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Found in today’s donations #muppets #misspiggy

This donated newspaper from 1974 is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out the XXX drive in in Elkridge MD #newspaper #baltimoresun

Tim is all Easter-ed out and it’s only 1!

Srsly? another throwback Easter photo? #nofilter #easter

Easter past (probably 1987?) #nofilter #easter #throwback

In my grandma Grady’s kitchen. Love the last line.

Regram from @lustrousowl — this jobs seems a bit on the sketchy side, but then again it was the mid 70s #newspaper #wantad