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Shakespeare is meant to be SEEN! Check out our list of favorite Shakespeare movie adaptations and stop by the Severna Park branch next week to watch one on the big screen (and there will be free popcorn)!

I wrote another thing for work :-)

Spending the afternoon with @josswhedon (well, his commentary on Much Ado, which is making me appreciate this play more already) #shakespeare #movies

Do I file my new Much Ado on the Joss Whedon shelf or Shakespeare shelf? #geek #librarianproblems

  • Rimmer: That's it then, is it? Toodle pip, King Lear, Farewell Macbeth, bye bye Hamlet.
  • Lister: Have you ever actually read any of it?
  • Rimmer: I've seen West Side Story, that's based on one.
  • Lister: Have you ever actually read any of it?
  • Rimmer: Not all the way through, no. But I can quote some though.
  • Lister: Well, go on then.
  • Rimmer: Now...that's all I remember.
  • Lister: What's that from then?
  • Rimmer: Richard III, you moron. The brilliant "Now" speech he does at the beginning. Now...something something something - oh, it's BRILLIANT. Unforgettable!

Beatrice is my spirit animal.

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Twue wove.

I cannot even tell you the mad crush I had on Kenneth Branagh when I was a kid because of this movie. 


Can’t wait to see this. NT Live, hurry up an announce screenings in my area!


Manchester International Festival 2013: Fist Look at Sir Kenneth Branagh as Macbeth

wait wait, Branagh and ALEX KINGSTON?!?!?!  OMG PLEASE someone make this available FOREVER.  I need to see it.  My favorite tragedy performed by some of my favorite actors??

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If you’ve never read Shakespeare’s plays, you’re missing out on some quality zingers.



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